why blended learning

Blended mobility of the students and the lecturers is realising through organising the Students` Camp and the Final Seminar. They support and follow up on the online classes and virtual mobility in order to complement their learning outcomes of the Programme. The final aim is creation of sustainable and creative projects that will be feasible for a transnational market.

The face-to-face (f2f) meetings are also useful for getting together, sharing experiences and discussing best practices with professionals from different countries. You will have opportunities to meet the other participants and lecturers, who accompanied you during the whole Programme, relating with people with very different cultural backgrounds. By getting to know each other, you will improve the mutual dialogue and understanding and will overcome most of the intercultural stereotypes.

The blended mobility will help consolidate the Virtual Campus community. The personal relationships that will be built during the camp and the seminar will enable you to sustain your relationships established during the Programme, and continue nurturing them in the future as alumni.