Quality Industry Relationships We utilize the business expertise

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The curriculum is designed and nurture a quality relationship with the business community and public sector in order to utilize the experience of renowned executive-level professionals and society leaders.

The online survey was conducted in the three countries – Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey, in order to determine all the relevant topics in the fields of management, leadership and communication, which are incorporated in the curriculum. In the execution of the Programme, top level professional will assume the role as real clients and guest lecturers in the webinars and students` projects.

You will realise a one-month job shadowing after completion of all courses. The job shadowing will provide you with the opportunity for on-the-job learning. You will accompany an experienced employee who will deliver his/her experience for a certain type of work and will help you to gain an insight into particular profession. The job shadowing is not obligatory if you are already employee or engaged in an organization. Students without working experience will have organised job shadowing by the Virtual Campus. 

The top five participants will have opportunity to have job shadowing in the available organisations in the foreign country (Macedonia, Slovenia or Turkey). For the period of the job shadowing in a foreign country, the interns will receive 1.400 EUR.