online learning1

Online learning is the most suitable way to improve your knowledge at any stage in life, because learning can take place anytime and anywhere. Online learning incorporates self-directed learning for people who want to improve the existing qualifications in their fields of interest and for those who wish to learn new skills and add them to their professional portfolio.

In an effort to provide quality online learning, the School of Journalism and Public Relations (Macedonia), the DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies (Slovenia) and the Istanbul University (Turkey) established the Virtual campus.

The jointly developed virtual campus curriculum is online based and blends learning that offers interactive and cost-efficient education by utilizing cutting-edge information-communication technologies (ICT).

The virtual campus supports the international aspect of the joint professional programme - e-PROFMAN, and promotes multinational cooperation and shared experience. In this way, the virtual campus offers opportunities to the participants who are not mobile due to professional, social or economic constraints to learn different organizational systems from the foreign countries, thus gaining international experience and intercultural understanding.

This way, virtual campus offers possibilities for learning schemes in foreign countries, international experience and intercultural understanding, particularly for those who are not mobile due to professional, social or economic constraints.