The Learning Management System facilitates the management of the virtual classroom by tracking students` progress. The LMS provides a flexible and personalized way of online learning and open access to a broad range of resources.

The system facilitates web and computer based learning on the Programme, enabling easy access to the data by all students at any time. All courses syllabuses, learning materials and useful links, as well as interactive tools for live webinars, online discussions and video lectures, are included in the LMS. The LMS enables quality internal communication of students with the lecturers and the management staff, providing latest announcements and clear guidance for project works.

ü Help students and lecturers work together in exciting ways;

ü Empower students and lecturers to succeed with the dynamic set of learning tools;

ü Provide students with free emails, sites, online resources and web conferencing;

ü Deliver a best-in-class cloud productivity experience to help students and teachers work together.


The LMS is based on Office 365 for education. Each student gets its own unique e-mail address, which can be used for login into the system.