learning aproach

The e-PROFMAN Programme provide a progressive pedagogical approach and methodology for delivering transversal competences. By completing all courses, you will enrich your business, leadership and communication abilities and will strengthen your entrepreneurship mindset.

Learning methodology is focused more on what you are capable of doing rather than on what you are capable of repeating. The dominant "problem-solved" approach in self-directed learning will enable you to articulate your own challenges, design your problem-solving strategies within a particular time frame, explore and synthesize resources for solving problems and provide solutions through discussion of the implications. Therefore, students` activities are designed in a way to enable you to apply new learnings to real-world challenges by conducting research, developing innovative business and communication plans etc., using the ICT.

The lecturers will encourage you to exchange ideas and cooperate on projects in mixed teams, provoke class-wide discussions and provide peer feedback. You will have available a broad range of content and resources that will facilitate individual learning process and enhance your personal organisation.

The learning materials enable better understanding of the key functional aspects of an organization - management, leadership, marketing, finance etc., and the role of strategic communication. Case studies simulate real-life situations where you will improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The materials further provide interactive solutions for self-directed lifelong learning with support from highly successful and renowned professionals as tutors. Learning materials are prepared in different media formats including text files, videos and moving images, useful links and interactive tools, in English language, and are uploaded as online sources on the Learning Management System (LMS).

The learning methods vary for each course, and are optimized for the individual course and its content.