Pınar Eraslan-Yayınoğlu, who was born in 1969, works as a full-time Professor in İstanbul University Faculty of Communication. Having completed her BA in Marmara University Faculty of Communication, Journalism and Public Relations Department in 1990, Eraslan-Yayınoğlu studied a Master and PhD on Journalism in Marmara University. After having worked as a Research Assistant in Marmara University, Eraslan-Yayınoğlu became Assistant Professor in 1999 and started working in Maltepe University until 2005. Between 2006 and 2011 Eraslan-Yayınoğlu worked in Kocaeli University Faculty of Communication as an Associate Professor, then joined in İstanbul University. She also went in for visiting academic fellow in Thames Valley University Business School (2003) and in University of Wesminster Communication and Media Research Institute and University of London King’s College (2005).

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She worked as vice dean for two years in İstanbul University Faculty of Communication while she has been teaching courses on Media and Public Relations, Global Media Economy, Research in Public Relations and Public Relations Writing. She is the writer of four books (Research in Public Relations; Public Relations in Local Government; City,Visual Identity and Communication; Professions of Journalism and Public Relations in the perspective of conflict or cooperation) and the editor of three books (Reflections on Communication, Ethical Considerations on PR and Advertisement, PR in Multicultural Environment).

She also performed a radio programme for more than a year about animal welfare with a veterinarian academic at the 'Radio Communication' of İstanbul University.