The course is providing the contents of entrepreneurship of the future, innovative management and global competitiveness. The students will be part of a journey to become successful entrepreneurs and managers, by obtaining the key entrepreneurial, management and communication skills. The focus of this course is from ideation to managing innovation.

The Course objective is “To develop future entrepreneurs and innovative managers, who are able to cope with the changing global environment, create and deliver value added and inspire people at the workplace”.

The course starts with Level 1: Entrepreneurship and continues with Level 2: Innovative management. The main course content is:

  • Understanding the context of entrepreneurship - why to become entrepreneur in a global economy
  • Ideation – creating a business idea to validating opportunity
  • Innovative business models
  • Feasibility analysis and how to start-up
  • Understanding knowledge driven economy and society
  • Knowledge and innovative management
  • Challenges in facing the knowledge-driven economy and the role of different actors in innovative management
  • Business relevance of innovative management techniques

A big part of the course is practically oriented. You will prepare individual assignments as well as team assignments and submit them weekly. Entrepreneurs mostly work in teams, and teams consist of individuals, who are creative and innovative, have special knowledge, share and transfer their knowledge and thus they are able to compete in highly competitive markets.

Working in international teams is a challenge. Special attention will have to be given to coordination of teamwork, appointing the team leader, sharing responsibilities, organizing and dividing work and last but not least respecting the deadlines for submission of team assignments. The team assignments will have to be submitted by the team leaders.

Status: Elective
Duration: 4 weeks


Marina Letonja    Anita Macek slikaweb

Marina Letonja

 Anita Maček