The Online Professional Programme in Innovative Management, Leadership and Strategic Communication - e-PROFMAN is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. The Programme provides full scholarships for its participants.

Take the advantage to learn and work in transnational mixed teams of highly selective peers. The e-PROFMAN offers chance for continuous acquisition of new competences and skills to maintain high quality of productivity and efficiency. Online learning and virtual mobility take into account the needs of learners who don't have the financial means for traveling during their life-long education, or who are not mobile due to family or work commitments, or who are constrained by disability

The e-PROFMAN Programme is granted in order to offer opportunities for entrepreneurship education and regularly update qualifications of working professionals and students as a future workforce, in order to meet the challenges and fully exploit the economic and employment benefits of the market.

The ERASMUS+ support is guaranty that the e-PROFMAN equips its students to be more competitive in a (trans)national labour market and to contribute to economic development, following new trends demand of higher levels of skills, customer-oriented communication, problem-solving and entrepreneurial abilities.

The educational and institutional capacity of the partners – the School of Journalism and Public Relations, the DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies and the Istanbul University guarantees transfer of appropriate know-how and organizational innovations within their joint programme.