Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies


DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies (hereinafter DOBA) is a part of the DOBA Business Group that was established in 1990. The DOBA Business Group is the largest private educational institution in Slovenia. From the very beginning, DOBA has been developing and promoting lifelong learning.

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Over 100 different formal and non-formal education and training programmes for different target and age groups answer the increased need for education in Europe. Our programmes continue to raise the standard of education for individuals and strengthen the fact that knowledge is a valuable asset. Instead of just preparing you for one of today’s conventional professions, we prepare you for several professions and jobs of tomorrow.

DOBA holds the honour of being the first and only higher education institution in South-Eastern Europe to receive the UNIQUe (European Universities Quality in e-Learning) international quality certification, which recognises quality in online learning. The UNIQUe certification is awarded by EFQUEL (European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning).

A 16-year tradition in online learning makes DOBA one of the leading online business schools in Europe. Its accredited, high-quality, online learning programmes are run fully online, allowing professionals to carry on with their career while working toward a degree. Flexible, yet highly structured online learning with 24/7 tutorial support, peer collaboration and continuous feedback to enhance student performance are among the main assets that make online learning at DOBA worthy of the UNIQUe accreditation for excellent use of ICT in teaching and learning, an accreditation awarded by the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning. Furthermore, a vibrant international learning community and high satisfaction scores from more than 4,000 graduates from over 34 different countries confirm that DOBA’s approach is the right approach to online learning.



E-learning is an integral part of the institutional strategy and is incorporated into defined main strategic aims. The eLearning strategy at DOBA aims to enhance the development and virtualisation of distance learning to enable better access to and flexibility of study programs via the use of innovative ICT based pedagogical approached new media and technologies to support the implementation of distance learning and blended learning for the enrichment of the student learning experience.

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In 2011 Advisory Council for Development of Distance Learning at DOBA was established, joining Slovenian and foreign experts in the field of pedagogy, information technology and e-learning. The project is in line with their guidance for further development of e-learning initiatives at DOBA.
Virtual mobility plays an important part in DOBA’s e-learning strategy as it is an alternative for DOBA’s students to get an international learning experience for those who cannot participate in physical mobility programmes due to social, financial or other reasons. More than 80 % of DOBA’s students are employed so virtual mobility represents an opportunity for them to gain international experience and at the same time increase IT skills and gain e-learning experience. Virtual mobility is therefore one of DOBA’s main pedagogical strategies. So far, more than 1.700 students from more than 38 different countries took part in virtual mobility courses at DOBA.
Each year DOBA organizes the International virtual summer school which represents the development of innovative approaches towards student mobility and global communication. From the first implementation in 2009, there were 1.482 students involved from 30 different countries. The exchange is conducted via the Internet in a virtual learning environment where international experience and competences from individual expert areas are gained by the students within the framework of multicultural and multinational groups, taking into account all the possibilities offered by global communication technology.


DOBA offers modern and practice-oriented bachelor and master programmes in a traditional and online distance study mode with a high number of elective courses and modules.

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Bachelor Programmes:
  • Business Management
  • Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations
  • Tourism Operations and Management
  • Organisation and Management of Social Activities
  • Management of Lifelong Education (bachelor) in Slovenian
Master's programmes:
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Organisation and Management of Social Activities
  • Management of Lifelong Education

Excellent study results, high success and retention rates, number of graduates, and an exclusive know-how in the field of pedagogical approaches is what makes our faculty one of the most ambitious faculties in Slovenia. Student-centeredness, individualisation of the learning process, holistic support system, the use of effective pedagogical approaches supported by new media and technologies as well as permanent innovations will remain the key elements of our orientation in the future.



DOBA has introduced several measures helping students progress in their studies.

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  • a system of holistic student support comprised of pedagogical, administrative and technical support in both traditional and online distance study mode,
  • tutors monitoring the work of students,
  • individual study plans for students in order to define their own objectives and to help plan execution of study requirements,
  • support for students in the form of additional courses when deficits in their prior knowledge or difficulties with a particular subject are noticed;
  • workshops on how to use information technology;
  • additional meetings with teachers in cases of a more difficult subject matter,
  • Independent Learning Centre with a lifelong learning point offering free use of computers, multimedia material, study literature and the Internet
  • Centre for psychological, pedagogical, career and financial counselling.