In this course, we will help you get familiar with the concept of intercultural communication and become better communicator in intercultural settings. This course will help you understand the meaning of the cultural complexities in a variety of contexts and also to further develop your own intercultural awareness and skills.

Are we surprised when reading or watching the news that we are daily exposed to? Do some things surprise us reading or watching all this information that we are exposed? Are we ever astonished by the actions of others? What about our reactions - do we always get the response/reaction we expect?

The main course content:

  • Why do we need to communicate interculturally? Dimensions of Culture by Hofstede
  • Intercultural Communication – get to know yourself, what is familiar and known
  • Intercultural Communication and Business World
  • How to solve problems of intercultural communication
  • Intercultural Communication and Identities
  • Critical Concepts and Barriers in Intercultural Communication (in and out groups, ethnocentrism, stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination, etc.)

A big part of the course is practical. You will prepare individual assignments as well as team assignments and submit them weekly.

Status: Elective
Duration: 3 weeks


marina tuneva   Pinar Aslan slika  Mia Mise   Nataša Ritonija novaslikaweb 

Marina Tuneva

 Pinar Aslan

 Mia Mise

 Nataša Ritonija