Students will develop general and course-specific competencies:

  • understanding the theoretical basics of strategic planning and be able to apply this in their projects
  • thinking on key issues relating to creative thinking in business and planning process.
  • recognition of importance of evaluative efforts and measuring for communications activities completed.
  • understanding and knowing neuro-related communication and marketing issues.
  • be able to familiarize themselves with the key issues of neuromarketing
  • developing an ability to bind big data issues with communication management
  • gaining theoretical awareness on pull strategies, and ability to tell corporate stories through content marketing

The main course content:

  • Strategic Planning: Strategic, Critical and Creative Thinking and Problem Solving; Setting Goals, Measurement of Communication Activities (including digital media)
  • Perception Management through Neuropsychological Methods
  • Innovative Pull Communications Strategies: Storytelling to Content Marketing
  • Big Data and Communication Management

The communication with the students will be done through the learning system. At the end of the course, you will be given a separate final project that will be graded to check your understanding and if you are able to apply and connect the topics of this course.

Status: Elective
Duration: 4 weeks


 Fatih ozkoyuncu     Oguz Kus 

Fatih Özkoyuncu


 Oğuz Kuş