The Course objective is “to empower future leaders (entrepreneurs, managers) with tools to cope with global business and talent challenges in innovative and creative ways”. The main course content is:

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability of global marketplace/-space
  • Contemporary entrepreneurship & innovation challenges
  • Business canvas
  • Creative thinking and idea generation
  • Creative thinking and logical reasoning for the purpose of finding unconventional solutions to business problems
  • Social change driven by innovative ideas
  • Importance and objectives of business communication
  • Key factors for effective business communication, communication barriers
  • Types of business communication
  • Business communication skills: verbal skills, listening skills, writing skills/business correspondence, public relations, presentation skills, use of telephone, audio and visual tools, corporate identity, organising meetings

A big part of the course is practical. Entrepreneurs mostly work in teams, and teams consist of individuals, who are creative and innovative, have specialized skills, share and transfer their knowledge and thus they are able to compete in highly competitive markets.

Special attention will be given to coordination of teamwork, appointing a team leader, sharing responsibilities, organizing and assigning tasks, and last but not least, respecting the deadlines for submission of team assignments.

Status: Elective
Duration: 3 weeks


 natalija postruznik   jelena janevska 

Natalie C. Postružnik

 Ms. Jelena Janevska