In everyday life and career, we are constantly faced with projects - assignments and activities that have specific goals that are not repeated in a predetermined pattern. Perhaps you haven’t paid any attention to this, until now, but throughout this course, starting from the first day, you will realize how much you know about the administration and the management of projects, only that you did not systematically use this knowledge and these experiences.

The main course content:

  • Set-up of a project
  • What makes a good project manager, what skills and characteristics does he/she have? Is it enough to be an expert in the project content/scope?
  • Start to create a project
  • Control the project and then successfully complete it

That is why a big part of the course is practical. You will prepare individual assignments as well as team assignments and submit them weekly. Successful teams are made up of good individuals, who know what they want and know how to do it, so that they achieve the main goal of the whole team.

Each week, the team will be led by another member - you will elect the leader within your team. The manager will coordinate the work and the final product. During the course you will learn what are the tasks of a manager.

This is common in real life projects – sometimes we are team leaders and sometimes we are project team members; it is important that we understand our role in the project.

Status: Elective
Duration: 3 weeks


 Tanja K slikaweb   jelena janevska   pinar eraslan yayinoglu 

Msc. Tanja Kocjan Stjepanović

 Ms. Jelena Janevska

 Pınar Earslan Yayınoğlu