Participants in the marketing process who do not consider the "digital" component of the business can no longer function. But - is "digital" not just one of the platforms or channels to help us in the successful operation? Since marketing is everything we do, and "digital" in fact, is all around us, we have to adapt to the new circumstances.

Studying this course will help you understand at least part of the relationship, relations between members of the advertising triangle and make a more rational and efficient use of tools which are available to us. The ınternal and external target groups such as corporations and the stakeholders achieve their goals and activities using new digital technologies like social media and other kinds of online tools. In addition to marketing, corporate communication has adapted itself to the digital age. There seems to be a development from web 2 to web 3 and 4. In this sense reputation, crises anmd issue management are held and solved through online activities. The ınternal and external target groups of corporations as well as their stake holders carry out all their objectives along with their activities by means of new digital technologies like social media and all kinds of online capabilities.

Being the most significant element for the survival of the companies, digital corporate communication strategy should be launched effectively and reasonably ın order to reach target groups. Therefore we should learn how to employ social media along with all kinds of online means for the purpose of corporate communication strategies.

A big part of the course is practical. You will prepare individual assignments as well as team assignments and submit them weekly. Successful teams are made up of good individuals, who know what they want and know how to do it, and they follow the same objectives, so that they achieve the main goal of the whole team.

Each week, the team will be led by another member – chosen by the team. The manager will coordinate the work and the outcome from the team.

Status: Elective
Duration: 4 weeks


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