Together with our team of expert leaders we will help you understand and master leadership in a disruptive economy. Together, we will go through the traits of leadership, analyze leadership through the history and will help you become authentic leader, master personal branding, communicate to build trust and most importantly motivate others to create their best version.

The main course content:

  • Leadership: What It Is
  • Developing Your Own Leadership Style In A Disruptive Economy
  • Leadership Approaches In A 21st Century World
  • Understanding Disruptive Leadership: Creating Change within Your Organization
  • Becoming An Authentic Leader: Mastering Personal Branding And Reputation Management
  • Building Forgivability And The Art Of Apology: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
  • Communicating To Build Trust
  • How Leaders Motivate and Inspire

Lectures and webinars will be a big part of the course but it is important to note that all lectures will be based on practical and real life case studies that you can implement in your daily lives. The whole purpose of this course is not just to get you acquainted with the tools of leadership but to help you become one.

Status: Elective
Duration: 4 weeks


Kosta Petrov    Ayşegül Özbebek Tunç slikaweb 

Kosta Petrov

 Ayşegül Özbebek Tunç