ABOUT US Online Professional Programme e-PROFMAN

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The e-PROFMAN is joint online programme for professional development in Innovative Management, Leadership and Strategic Communication of the virtual campus consisted of three higher education institutions (HEIs)

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Equipping the Programme`s participants with appropriate skills and abilities in innovative management, leadership and strategic communications for a transnational corporate environment.

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vIrtual Campus


The project envisions the establishing of a virtual campus of the HEIs from Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey for the first time in these countries. The project provides a high-quality јoint online programme for professional development in innovative management, leadership and strategic communication that will build upon and strengthen the current lifelong learning initiatives in the region.

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Expanding the Programme of the virtual campus in the region of South-East Europe (SEE) and raising awareness of young people on the importance of lifelong learning and new ICT for their career growth, which will contribute to more qualified workforce for employers or develop self-made businesses and increasing of transnational employability.


Providing accessibility to online learning and learners-directed approach for professional development, establishing interaction and networking among peers and professionals from different European countries and establishing transnational cooperation with the business communities in Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey.