• Master Your Competences

    Join the professional programme in Innovative Management, Leadership, and Strategic Communications and acquire high level skills to compete in the global business environment.
  • Study Online

    Study at the first virtual campus established in Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey, and overcome the geographical and social barriers using a broad range of online resources.
  • Build Professional Network

    Grab the chance to get a full scholarship of the ERASMUS+ funded programme, cooperate in mixed teams of a highly-selective peer group and learn from lecturers from different European cultures.
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Online Courses

The courses will help you apply creativity and innovation in managerial strategies, deal with intergenerational gaps in leadership, and help communication become an important part in your organizations.

From a Sparkle to Flame: the Power of Creation

Gain abilities for entrepreneurial and innovative management.

Linking Business, Strategies and Communications

Become proficient in strategic planning, big data management and pull communication.


Acquire competencies to execute your own project.

Think Like a Leader, Act Like a Leader: Leadership Reasoning

Get ready for different leadership roles and apply critical thinking.

Creative Business Instincts

Learn how to be entrepreneur and acquire business communication skills.

Future Trends in Corporate and Marketing Communication

Get skills to manage communication in digital environment.

Intercultural Communications

Be mindful of intercultural differences in doing business.

Using Research @ the Workplace

Learn how to apply research methods to everyday job issues.

Blended Learning

Blended mobility supports and follows up on the online classes and virtual mobility. The final aim is creation of sustainable and creative projects that will be feasible for a transnational market.

Students Camp

Real Problem, Real Solution, Real Professional


Аpply the acquired skills in real-life situations

Final Seminar

This is the beginning

Why Blended Learning

Share experiences with peers from other countries

Virtual Campus

The virtual environment includes Internet and computer-based learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration, and provides students with a flexible and personalized way to learn and use a broad range of online resources.

Learning Approach

The "problem-solved" approach will encourage cooperation on mix-team projects.


Teaching staff with a long-established experience in lecturing.

Learning Management System

Provides a flexible and personalized way of online learning.

Open Educational Resources

Multimedia online packages
(videos, graphics, interactive tools).

Apply Now

Master your abilities on high quality online professional programme, learning from international lecturers and mentors from the industry, working in transnational mixed teams of peers and using online resources anytime and anywhere.

Call for Enrollment

Enrollment process will be carried out till November 25th 2016.


What are people saying about e-PROFMAN.


The e-PROFMAN is ERASMUS+ Funded Programme.

Application Form

Applications are submitted electronically. All those interested in applying can do so by filling this from.


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  • e-PROFMAN Mobile Application


    Download the mobile application to your devices to search for the e-PROFMAN, get all the information you need and interact with us online.

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What People Are Saying About e-PROFMAN

Personal recommendations of top level professionals about the quality and value of the e-PROFMAN Programme


  • Ideas and innovation are nowadays crucial for existence of a successful professional person. And this is what we learn. Tanja K. Stjepancic
  • How to develop entrepreneurial skills into anything you do? Looking forward to enhance your potential! Natalie C. Postružnik
  • Finally courses that covers practical elements of leadership in a disruptive economy. Kosta Petrov
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Open Educational Resources

OER deliver and share content of the e-PROFMAN Programme. They are open and free for use under open licenses for education and training purposes. Watch all OER.
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Speaker: Kosta Petrov, e-PROFMAN lecturer

Content Marketing

Speaker: Oğuz Kuş e-PROFMAN lecturer

Innovation Management Methods

Speaker: Anita Maček, e-PROFMAN lecturer

Research Preparation

Speaker: Ljupcho Efremov, e-PROFMAN lecturer